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Kathleen Rose Kelley Young was a beloved member of the community in Alexander Valley, Calif., and her death of colorectal cancer on January 3, 2021, will leave an unmistakable void in the lives of everyone she knew and loved. She was also an unbelievable fighter, long outlasting all medical expectations from the time of her diagnosis in 2016. During her fight, she became a diligent researcher into her disease, strong proponent for cancer education, and vocal advocate for a healthy lifestyle.

In order to help honor Kathleen’s memory and her incredible life, her family created the Kathleen Rose Fund in partnership with the American Cancer Society. Your tax-deductible donation to the Kathleen Rose Fund will directly support lifesaving colon cancer research, education, and care. Your contribution means so much to Kathleen’s family and to those fighting colon cancer with all the vigor with which Kathleen also fought so bravely.

Please donate today to help honor the memory of Kathleen Rose Kelley Young.

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